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Y.A.M. at a Glance:

The Vision

Y.A.M. will be a diverse, Christ-centered community of believers that is relationally-focused and is postured for service for the sake of the advancement of Christ’s kingdom and His Gospel for those within our body and those beyond it.


"Young Adults" can be a confusing, broad description of our age demographic. The fact is, we have a diverse group ranging from 18 years old to their 30's living in dynamic relationship with one another and the Lord!


Our gatherings consist of Gospel-centered conversations that aren't afraid to dive deeply into the Word. We also meet in age and gender specific small groups to encourage one another through prayer. We're not content to only meet twice a month. Y.A.M. can be found ministering together to our local community or hanging out with each other on a regular, informal basis.


Our gatherings happen every other Thursday of every month from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. As far as our other events go, you can find that schedule by contacting us!


Triad Church Outreach Center

705 Sunshine Way

Greensboro, NC 27410

Join US

705 Sunshine Way
High Point, North Carolina
Sunday Services @ 9am & 11am


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