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T.C. Kids at a Glance:

The Vision

Matthew 9:39 says that Jesus went from town to town teaching the good news of Jesus' love. In each of our town themed kids ministries, we strive to bring this same good news to children of all ages.


Nursery: A Nursing mothers' room is provided for all newborns, Infants (6wks-9months), toddlers (10 -18 months), First steps (19-35 months).

Tyke Town: Ages 3-5 years old and separated into different rooms.


Uptown: Ages 6-11 years old all in one classroom.


Nursery: Nursing - 18 months - Children are cared for in a loving environment. 1 volunteer per 1.5 children.


First steps: Children begin to learn the first steps of giving praise to their creator through songs, videos and by example as they are shown the love of God by our trained and caring staff. 1 volunteer per 2 children.


Tyke Town: Here children are taken through the Bible in a character-by-character format each year. They are given the building blocks to understand how God worked step by step throughout history to come to the place where they were ready to be born and begin their own Bible story as they walk and talk with Jesus. Tyke Town kids are given a generous amount of playtime, learning activities, a bible story along with interactive worship and prayer, so as to completely immerse them in what the Christian life is about.


Uptown: When kids are ready to learn in a classroom format, they are taken book by book through the bible at a pace fast enough to keep their interest but slow enough for them to learn. We cover the entire Bible every 2.5 years building a foundation on which their faith can stand. Vibrant praise and worship, interactive skits, videos and live instruction are just some of the ways these little ones are brought to the feet of Jesus where he loves and deeply cares for each and every one of them.


Sunday mornings from 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM


Triad Church

705 Sunshine Way

Greensboro, NC 27410

705 Sunshine Way
Greensboro, North Carolina
Sunday Services @ 9am & 11am


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