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Bangladesh is a small, densely populated country in Southern Asia. The most practiced religion in Bangladesh is Islam at roughly 89% of the population. Christianity falls at less than 0.5%.

  Vijay and Apa Balla are our ground missionaries through the IPHC. They began a school, The Holiness Academy, as a means to give children a free education and a tool for spreading the gospel. Our trips to Bangladesh consist of: ministering to the kids and staff of the hostel, providing ESL programs, ministering to and spreading the gospel through the building of relationships in the surrounding villages of the school and occasionally providing medical clinics. If you are interested in serving in Bangladesh at any capacity, short term or long term please contact us!

International Missions



Triad Church has been sending teams to work in the villages of The Dominican Republic for 15 years now! On these trips, our team partners with local ministries to reach out to those experiencing a variety of needs.  We typically assist with medical clinics, construction projects, in addition to taking advantage of evangelistic and prayer opportunities. 

  If you are interested in serving in the DR in any capacity, short term or long term please contact us!


Triad Church also has a missions center in Kazakhstan that serves to provide lodging for our missions team as well as others from across the globe. During our team trips to KZ, we participate in construction projects, ministry to children, and ministry to the men of “The Program”, which is a Christ centered rehabilitation center. We usually take a team trip to KZ twice a year. 

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In 2023 we are expanding our missionary expeditions into Kenya, Africa!  We already financially support Kevin and Summer Sneed, full-time missionaries through IPHC. Our hope is to support their ongoing ministry physically. Our efforts will focus on the villages and churches associated with the East Africa Bible College that the Sneeds began and operate. Plans are to teach at the college, preach in village churches, share testimonies, intercessory prayer, women's ministry, children's ministry, evangelism and agricultural work at the campus farm. 

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