Whether they are babies or preschoolers, your little ones will
experience far more than just great childcare at Triad Church!
They will learn that God loves them in a fun secure environment. Check out more info about our Nursery below.
Here at Triad Church we have a Newborn Room for ages 6 wks-9 mths, then they move up to our Nursery for ages 10-18 mths. At ages 19 mth- 2 years we move them to our TykeTots room. Once your child is potty trained they move up to our TykeTown area at age of 3. 
Here are a few things you will need to know:
1. Triad Church has a super easy registration process. A nursery team member will register your child and give the two of you matching numbers. In case of an emergency, we’ll use those numbers to contact you by putting your child’s number on the screen in the service. 
Please make sure to keep the ID number tag given to you by our nursery staff– we match your children to that number when it’s time to go home.
2.Please bring diapers, bottles, pacifiers, and any special blankets that will soothe your baby through the morning. Label all items that belong to your baby. During the registration process, you’ll also have the opportunity to speak with our nursery staff about any special instructions regarding allergies, napping schedule, like/dislikes, etc.
3.Within our nursery you’ll also find a convenient and private nursing room. Feel free to use this room if you need a moment to feed your baby.
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Pastor Bob & Michelle Caviness