Triad Church is a mission-minded church 

Here at Triad Church, we often say that “missions is not just something we do, rather it’s who we are”. From the very top of our leadership team down, we live to reach and serve the world. Time and again we find that when we are serving locally, or going to another country to minister to those in need, it is in the giving of ourselves that we are filled. It is in that giving of ourselves that our church is strengthened and we are truly living out our mandate.

We take to heart the command Jesus gave us to GO and make disciples of all nations in Matthew 28:19.
We are also told in Acts 1:8 that when we receive the Holy Spirit, we are to be His witnesses both in
Jerusalem (our local community), Judea and Samaria (our country) and to the remotest parts of the earth.


Throughout the year, we participate in local missions such as providing meals and necessity items to Leslie’s House; providing and serving meals to the hungry with Ward Street Mission Church; we also have our own CIA(Caring In Action) team here at Triad Church and many other local projects where we can serve people and spread His gospel.
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Foreign Missions

Here at Triad Church, we go on many foreign mission trips throughout the year. Some of the recent trips include the Dominican Republic and Kazakhstan. During our trips we have various tasks, some of which are; providing programs for children to learn about Jesus; provide humanitarian aid with water, medical clinics, shoes and clothes; participate in construction projects; minister to prisoners and more.
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