Light in the Morning

For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime! Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning – Psalm 30:5

There is something about the night time that is unsettling. The darkness sets, the sun ceases to shine, and the world becomes quiet. Lights go out in houses, eyes close, and minds wander. Crime and chaos seem enhanced in the night, almost as if darkness increases bravery to act in ways that we know are fundamentally wrong.

And then, the morning comes. Light appears. The sun shines. Newness of the day sets in.

We are so lucky to have a father who decided to give us day and night. Can you imagine a life where we lived in constant darkness, or constant light? It is the contrast of the two that makes each day fulfilling and motivating. We know that with each night comes a new day. Whatever happened the day before seems to have a way of becoming less intense in the dawn of the morning. There is a hopefulness that arises in us each morning saying, “We can do this!”.

I think God created the two backgrounds, night and day, to give us insight to who he is. He is the light. He makes all things new. It is no wonder that with each sunrise we feel inspired, because it is a reminder He is with us. Without the night, we would not experience the amazingness of the day.

For many of us, either currently or in our past, our household stability is lacking or non-existent. For me, this meant dreading each evening in my home as a child. The day time was wonderful! I was surrounded by people, laughter, and learning. Then, the darkness would begin as the sun set, and fear of the unknown of what the night would bring would begin. That feeling of anxiety and loneliness is crippling.

We can rest assured in the night that there will always be a morning. God never fails to comfort us with the light of a new day, a new chance, an everlasting light that can carry us through the darkness in our life. Darkness is not scary with the Lord by our side. He shines in the gloomiest of situations.

Whatever darkness is a part of or ruling your life, find the light of the morning and the hope of the Savior. It is now, and always will be there.
Zarmena Woods