Healing Power

“He personally carried our sins in his body on the cross so that we can be dead to sin and live for what is right. By his wounds you are healed” -1 Peter 2:24 

One of the many gifts of Jesus is that He is a healer. Since sin entered the world, God has been providing redemption to all people, first through old testament law, and second through salvation. Today, we all have the ability to be saved by accepting Jesus as our Lord, and by doing so we open ourselves up to the ultimate healing powers he has to offer and has promised us. Through closeness with Him we can be forever changed, never the same, and restored from all things past, present, and future.

“For though he wounds, he also bandages. He strikes, but his hands also heal.” Job 5:18

It seems healing occurs daily, hourly, minute by minute, but sometimes those faith building moments get overlooked…UNTIL…One specific, big, influential, life-changing prayer is answered. It is almost as if that one event clears the cloudiness that used to cover the other blessings, and suddenly our eyes are open to not just the BIG answered prayer, but all of the little ones.

Sometimes we keep all of the “coincidences” that happen to us in a vault locked by a code we ourselves do not even know, somewhere deep down in our soul. Sure, we noticed that we were sick and now we are not, or that we got in that car wreck that totaled our car, but we walked away with no injury. Instead of acknowledging that grandness, we simply write it off as good luck. We may even say “whew, God must have been there” and leave it at that. Then, at the next moment of doubt, we are right back to the cloud coverage of those blessings, locked tightly away, mostly forgetting they happened, and focusing more on the negativity surrounding us.

For me, this cycle continues over and over until BAAM! Something happens that is unquestionably God. There is silence in the loudness of life and we can hear His voice, physically feel his love, and allow healing powers to take us over. In a moment of complete clarity, a time where something we wanted and prayed for actually happens, we experience God as he wanted us to from the beginning. We are close. Connected. Loved.

During, or right after this time, if we look closely, all the clouds are gone, the vault is unlocked and we can remember all of the “tiny” events that lead to this larger one. In each of those thoughts, we see Jesus. Jesus, as we were meant to see Him. I could see Him standing in every single moment where I thought I was alone, and gain insight on how all of those moments were not only connected to each other, but lead to one moment of restoration.

Stay close to Jesus and do not miss the healing power he offers. The closer we are the more life-changing, redeeming moments we will have. The joy we can experience by letting go of our past pains, present worries, and future concerns is infinite if we allow Him to lead.

Zarmena Woods